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Code of Ethics

As a core principle of the profession and its practise

The code of professional ethics is a tool created to make compliance and execution easier, emphasising ethics as a fundamental principle of the profession and its practise.
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Respect for Human Rights and their dignity

The/ commits to upholding the values outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as workers, collaborators, or partners. Respect everyone's worth and dignity as well as their right to privacy, secrecy, self-determination, diversity, and autonomy. Respect individual diversity, including those based on culture, gender, race, religion, ideologies, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and others, at the same time.

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It is the obligation of the employees, partners, or collaborators to possess the necessary level of competence, use only the services and techniques for which they have received professional training, and be aware of the limitations of their field. Additionally, it is their duty to keep their knowledge, as well as any scientific and professional information, current with regard to the services they offer.

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Professional Commitment

The principles and standards of conduct outlined in this Code will be followed by employees, collaborators, and partners, who will be accountable for compliance. A commitment to promoting the right to oblivion is also made. It will be up to the employees, collaborators, or partners of Eliminalia to use careful judgement in those cases for which there are no norms and/or criteria recognised specialists.



In their professional practise, the employees, partners, or collaborators shall be held to the values of probity, honesty, fairness, and respect for others. It must consider their own systems of values, wants, and limitations in this setting, as well as how these affect their work. Similar to this, coworkers, partners, or employees should refrain from private actions that can cast doubt on their integrity or moral character and harm the reputation of the RebornRep brand.



The employees, partners, or coworkers of RebornRep will guard against institutional barriers, personal pressures, or influences that could compromise their professional ethics, regard for the goal of their work, and adherence to the industry's code of ethics. This principle calls for making clear to all relevant parties the instances in which this Code of Ethics is at odds with outside demands.


Social Responsibilty

The RebornRep employees, partners, or collaborators will be in attendance and will be wearing business attire. Additionally, their social commitment will aid in the understanding, investigation, and transformation of their society as well as the promotion and development of laws and social policies that, due to their distinctiveness, aim to foster the growth and development of the neighbourhood.


Use of information obtained in a professional relationship

If RebornRep employees, partners, or collaborators hear "privileged information," which is defined as such by law, they should refrain from using it for anything other than the provision of professional treatment. Using the knowledge against the client constitutes an even graver breach.


Personal interference in the exercise of a profession

Employees, partners, or collaborators of RebornRep should steer clear of any personal, social, political, religious, institutional, or other influences that can distort their professional judgement. The quality of its services and the welfare of the clients should be considered as well as the possibility that their exercise may be hampered by their personal issues and disputes. If this occurs, the worker should immediately seek assistance to avoid or remedy the issue, and/or to cease the task at hand and delegate the service to other professionals in order to prevent damage.

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Customer care

Customers should receive service from RebornRep employees, partners, or collaborators for as long as is necessary or as per previously agreed-upon protocol. If this is not possible, we will take all necessary efforts to guarantee that you receive the treatment you require. Avoid any circumstance and/or activity that would unjustifiably interfere with your customer's right to your time and attention or that might detract from your ability to perform well.

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Employees, partners, or collaborators of RebornRep have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the customer's background through policies and practises that prevent unauthorised individuals from learning about it. must make sure that the customer's background is built in a way that restricts third parties' ability to learn as much as possible.

By removing unnecessary and inaccurate information, we assist in ensuring your right to anonymity and help you reconstruct your future.


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